Water Bags

What is Water Bags?

Definition of Water Bags in Construction

Water bags are used to wrap around new plantings to keep them hydrated. The use of water bags to hydrate landscaping plantings is a relatively new concept, and is being specified in the majority of non irrigated landscaping schemes. If there is an irrigation plan that encompasses the surroundings of the majority of the plantings, then water bags are less commonly specified, other than for the plantings out of the reach of the irrigation plan. The cost of water bags is substantial if there are several plantings involved, the bag cost fluctuates based on the manufacturer and the number involved but are approximately $15 to $25 / per bag which can add up if there are hundreds of plantings requiring the water bags. The maintenance of the water bag will directly relate to their performance. A water bag that is simply allowed to drain and dry out will not sustain the plantings. Water bags are intended to be maintained on a schedule and the refilling of the water bags will directly influence their success.