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There are several basic construction services that I offer.

Simple and easily understood estimates for any type of construction project or building adventure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional estimate, provided for your new addition, deck, home or commercial structure, prior to negotiating with your builder? What happens if you actually have an idea of what the costs should be? Think of the advantages of knowledge, instead of total faith or confidence that your builder is actually providing you a fair price.

Clear commentary on contracts, subcontract agreements, schedules or other construction management documents that the homeowner or commercial developer requires. We have been involved with all types of construction management issues for the last 40 years. Use this experience to circumvent some of the most basic issues and mistakes regarding contracts, schedules, scopes of work, etc. on your upcoming project. The financial benefits will substantially cover any costs for this service.

Cost saving suggestions based on practicality and common-sense construction expertise. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you spent thousands of dollars of your hard earned money, due to not being aware of another method of construction, a new and simpler product, or simply a new and creative approach to your building project? We at have hundreds of projects that we have suggested cost saving alternatives and creative methods of cost savings.

Creative suggestions for basic or complicated home repairs. We at have not seen it all, but we have seen most! After so many years in the construction industry and in the midst of construction issues, we have developed quite a library of problem solving suggestions. Use us to suggest a new and creative way to solve that problem.

Home building suggestions and specific commentary on building projects of any type. Again, the knowledge gained through 40 years of experience and the contacts available to can be utilized by you the reader of this website to gain knowledge and save money.

Any other questions, concern or cost estimate can be asked. If we feel we can accommodate a legitimate cost saving answer, we will respond. Don’t feel that any question is below or above our ability to answer with interesting and creative insight. If we feel that there is nothing that we at can contribute, we will inform you of that.

If the homeowner or commercial developer is interested in any of these services, that we have developed, a simple questionnaire, filled out by you, will provide us enough information to quote you a value for your required service.

In the majority of cases, these services will more than pay for itself, in knowledge, or specific cost saving suggestions.

One professional suggestion, comment, estimate or solution, by, on a major contract could save you thousands, as your construction project is implemented.

Please do not hesitate to request a questionnaire to be sent to you, for a financial evaluation of each specific service you may require.

We have set up a simple pay application that will allow you to fund these services directly on line, without any delay. This will allow you to receive your data in a more expeditious fashion.

Custom services are always available, simply describe the issue, the project, the need for construction information, and we can provide you the answers, suggestions or simply the discussions regarding your issues.

Thank you and we all hope that can be a valuable service for your construction needs.

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