Can I Do It Myself?

DIY Checklist 

Simple and honest information that MUST be understood, prior to undertaking a DIY project. 

Do you have the time?

Many people have great intentions, especially when watching their favorite DIY entertainer perform their magic.  Remember they are entertainers and what they allegedly perform is a form of magic.  It doesn’t work this way! 

Do you have the skill?

Once again, the entertainers of the DIY jandra are experts at illusion.  Their use of hand tools, power tools, ladders, scaffolding, etc. are made for TV illusions.  Do you really have the skill?

Do you have the money?

Again, the DIY presenters are inundated with offers to sponsor products and to clearly identify brands and services on their shows.  You will NOT get the same type of pricing, or the same type of apparent “ deals “ that our DIY entertainers get. 

Do you have enough ambition?

Remember our friends on the DIY networks are being paid big bucks to appear happy, carefree and focused on their projects.  They are getting paid, much more than you will ever save by performing DIY projects. Do you want to take the time and do you have the ambition to see it through?   Remember you are NOT getting paid! 


Do you have the knowledge and the education to perform the work? 

We are so willing to believe that the good looking individual performing the DIY task, or the young studly so called expert carpenter understands the actual forces, stresses and physical constraints that a header, a beam, a column, a floor joist, roof rafter, etc. etc. can withstand.  Nope, our entertainers have been simply told by individuals with the knowledge and the foresight to know and understand all of the physical ramifications of each and every DIY project.  You do not have this support! 


Do you really expect the subcontractors you interact with to respond the way they do to the DIY entertainers?

Realize that interaction with subcontractors is not easy.  There are good ones and there are bad ones.  If you have been chosen to be a subcontractor on a DIY program, you are a GOOD one!  A normal person performing a DIY project is not ensured of the same type of filtering that a subcontractor on a show has been subjected to. You might get a very bad one!   


Get Real! 

It will not be as simple to order material, interact with subcontractors, use the power tools or simply “get yer done”  as the DIY entertainers will try to tell you.  It just won’t!! 


Evaluate and identify! 

Evaluate the time and the cost.  Does it really make any sense for you to attempt to schedule the time, order the materials, prepare the site, hire the subs, obtain the material, have the subs show up, perform the work, complete the work and then pay for all the miscellaneous costs associated with the work??  In most cases it does NOT!! 

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