Quick fix for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is installed in a manner that will allow the siding to move.  Differences in temperature will cause vinyl siding to expand and contract, resulting in the siding itself moving on the surface of your home.  This movement will cause the siding to loosen up and become unstable.  Wind can start to further loosen the siding and in extreme cases this could result in your siding  being wind lifted off the surface of your home.  

This is NOT what you want, especially during a big storm, hurricane or other windy atmospheric event.  

I have found a very easy and somewhat unprofessional way of securing your vinyl siding to prevent it from actually lifting off the exterior of your home.  

Google search for the highest strength, double stick tape that you can find.  There are many manufacturers of this product, Gorilla has a great product, but there are others.  

As a professional contractor I am almost embarrassed to  describe my solution to loose vinyl siding on your home.  

Yes, simply cut a piece of double stick tape and place it under the siding that is loose. It works, granted it is not the most professional solution to the issue, however, if you are in a situation that you could lose your siding in a wind storm and don’t have another solution, heavy strength double stick tape will work.                

I have included a number of very basic photos for your information.  Simply pull the siding off the exterior surface of your home, place the double stick tape under the loose siding, and press down.  Sorry, it is not more sophisticated than that, however I have personally done this and it has worked.  

Double stick tape under your siding will secure it for the time being.  I am not suggesting that this is the final solution, but it will hold you through  the gall or hurricane that is pending.  

Obviously a professional siding expert should be called in to provide a permanent solution to your loose vinyl siding, however for the time being, double stick tape will work!!       

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