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This website provides the average homeowner with answers to commonly asked questions about the construction process.  The goal is provide a resource for guidance around common questions related to new home construction or renovation projects. Latest questions.

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Purpose of this Website

To provide simple and honest resources and answers to the general public regarding the construction process.

To offer over 40 years of insight into the construction industry, that many times offers nothing but confusion, frustration and impossible conflicts, to normal individuals, outside the insider’s knowledge of the construction industry.

To answer the questions without bias towards or against the architects design, the lawyer’s side of the argument, or the contractor’s money making interests.

Most Commonly Asked Question:

Here is an example question, one that is frequently asked by those considering home construction/renovation:

Should I  Purchase New Home vs a  Fixer Upper vs Buying Land & Building Anew?

The initial question, first time and even experienced home buyers face, is whether it makes sense to purchase a new and already completed home, renovate an existing home, or purchase the raw land and construct your own new home.

To answer this question involves the makeup of the individuals making the decision and purchasing the home or land.

  • The decision must be based on the characteristics of each of the purchasing parties. Are the individuals financially stable and capable of purchasing a completed residence or is their financial situation more comfortable in a less expensive home that can be improved as time goes on.
  • What is the makeup of employment status of the individual purchasers, do they have stable and marketable professions, trade abilities, etc. Is the financial status of the purchasers on the rise, staying level or declining? Financial institutions are currently much more reliable now that we have ridden the housing crisis of the last several years. Most financial institutions are less likely to extend credit to individuals unless they have vetted out the individuals for their capability to sustain any loans they may need to realize their housing decisions.
  • What type of individuals is making the purchasing decision? Are the buyers type A personalities that will easily survive the headaches of a renovation or the construction of the new home, or do they fit into the less aggressive personalities, secure in their own careers or other interests that could be interfered with, if the decision were to renovate or construct new?
  • Do the buyers have support from informed and experienced family or friends that are willing to offer expertise or even hard labor to achieve the renovation or new construction goals?
  • What personal issues and circumstances are occurring within the framework of the buyers family makeup. Are there children to be considered, a new baby, or are there health considerations influencing the decision. The renovation of a home will entail substantial personal time and effort as will the construction of a new home. The purchase of a substantially completed home many times offers a more convenient accommodation for a family with children or anticipating a new family.
  • Timing is an element that needs consideration. Does the purchase have a time demand that would require a move in date within months, or can the decision result in a completed goal of amble time to perform renovations or construct a new home?