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  1. OSB Shed Sheathing & Rain
    Hello. An acquaintance of my husband is building a shed and a dog ramp for us. When he overheard we were shed shopping he claimed he’s built many and could built us a “great one”. But I’m really questioning his ability as he’s been building…So…my question for now is it okay for that sheathing to stay on there after it’s been in the rain for many weeks. We live in BC Canada and it rains every day here this time of year..

  2. Cathedral Ceiling
    We live in a cathedral ceiling home. There is a master bedroom upstairs with a small deck at the top of the stairs, and it is open to the kitchen and living room below. There are two 6×12 gluelams supporting the roof. We are wanting to put a loft to fill the rest of the upstairs from the first beam to the front of the house to the back…My question is the beam for that distance along with the diagonal bracing under it, can I use the gluelam above it for support also if I use a post or chain between them.

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