What is Stud ?

Definition of Stud in Construction

Structural member, normally wood, that is used to support elements of a project. A wood stud is commonly referenced in terms of walls and other partitions. There are several different methods of stud construction based upon the specific application. Studs are bundled in a certain ways to form interior corners, exterior corners, intersecting walls, headers, jambs and sills. The reference to a pre -cut stud is used when a structure has several studs of the same length. The lumber yard can provide what are called pre-cuts, to make the framing of the project more efficient. The fastening of the studs in the old days, was normally performed with a hammer swung by the arm of a carpenter. Then nail guns came into the industry and revolutionized the ability to fasten the studs. Currently there are several other new and advancing technologies, that use screws as fasteners, and even special clips, to fasten the wood stud in the construction process.