Key Hole Saw

What is Key Hole Saw

Definition of Key Hole Saw in Construction

A key hole saw is a special saw that is intended to provide a cut in small inaccessible areas. The key hole saw is shaped to allow the blade to fit into tight and difficult spaces, and is normally tapered to a wider blade width as the saw approaches a straight handle. The handle of the key hole saw is parallel with the blade itself, to allow the push pull action that will be required to engage the blade in the material to be cut. There are various uses for a key hole saw, which could also be called a drywall saw or a straight blade saw. The intent of many of these saws is to actually be able to poke the entry hole into the material, by stabbing the end of the blade into the material to be cut. This is the reason for the sharp and narrow tip of the saw. Once the saw is embedded into the material, the sawing action can be used to enlarge the opening in the material and start the cutting action.