Direct Glazed Or Fixed Glass

What is a Direct Glazed Or Fixed Glass?

Definition of Direct Glazed Or Fixed Glass in Construction
The application of a glass panel to the frame of the window, without any sash assembly.

This direct glazed unit, or fixed glass, is not movable and is stationary within the frame of the window.

Normally found residentially, as the center fixed glass in a picture window or in a door side lite.

Commercially the fixed pane of glass is common between offices, in conference rooms, etc. Direct glazing is a method to achieve special visual effects within office environments. The use of direct glazing to offer an increase in line of site or allow the observation of activities from one room to the other is a common technique in commercial structures. The use of direct glazing in hospitals and other medical facilities allows the visual awareness for nurses and doctors or patient status, etc. With the advancement of research and development regarding glass, added thermal insulation qualities as well as reduced sound transmission has stimulated the use of direct glazing within a commercial or industrial structure. In addition, glass has become more structural stable and is now being developed to allow more continuous spans and unsupported lengths and dimensions than ever before. These advancements are allowing storefronts and other glass assemblies to be almost self supporting and capable of being used as structural elements within the building.

Pictures of Fixed Glass