Should I use spacers and pre-assembled means of spacing the tile installation ?

Of course! If there are spacers available to ensure that the tile spacing is consistent and accurate, use them. Spacers are available for all the standard joint widths and are easily installed between the tile as the tiles are laid out and installed. It is humorous to not use a pre-established spacing method. I am a firm believer that if technology and research and development have increased the functionality of the product the latest in technology should be taken advantage of. The old adage that it takes years of experience and craftsmanship to properly perform the installation of a product the old fashion way for a proper and long lasting result, is incorrect. Use the latest in technology and the latest in product development. However, I still recommend the use of a professional contractor when installing the tile. When it comes to experience, there is nothing better than exactly that, experience and that definition, is having performed the act over and over again.

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