Security Lighting

The advancement of security lighting has been tremendously progressive and has become extremely easy to obtain and install.

In the past, sophisticated systems that allowed security lighting to function based on automatic timers, movement detectors, etc. were sold to the public for thousands of dollars. Today, the use of lithium batteries, LED lighting and automatic computerized, smart phone, bluetooth technology has made the installation of security lighting throughout the home, both economical and incredibly easy.

A brief internet search will offer countless different lighting arrangements, controllers and computerized systems, that are both easy to install, and will make the illumination of both the exterior and interior of your home almost effortless.

There are, however, some miscellaneous suggestions that we can offer.

1.) It is important to secure lighting that has been proven for it’s ability to weather the elements, and to remain functional for years on end. There are several new and advanced fixtures, companies and systems, that are brand new to the market. If you are so inclined, their use can be cutting edge. However, at the same time, their use can be frustrating and limiting. Your personnel ability to accept the limitations of ” cutting edge ” technology must be evaluated on an individual basis.

2.) The physical height of the lighting fixtures, especially for the exterior of the home is an important aspect of proper security installation. You do not want lighting that is too low, and allows manipulation of the light from the ground. This is not a good security feature. The lighting should be mounted high enough to limit access. What this does mean, as the average homeowner, you will need to obtain a ladder or scaffolding that will reach the proper mounting height, for you security lighting. For some this will necessitate the use of a professional lighting installer, who has the proper equipment to reach the heights around the home that are needed.

3.) Consideration must be kept in mind regarding the bluetooth abilities of the security lighting. Bluetooth requires electrical power and connections. If the power has gone off in the home, or there is a security breach of electrical power, your controls may not work the way the bluetooth system is intended. Granted, most of the security lighting systems will automatically turn on, if bluetooth connection is lost, this is a feature that must be considered when you are selecting your security fixtures and systems.

4.) Ease of replacement of fixtures and system components. Although the majority of modern, LED, bluetooth and computerized systems are nearly indestructible, you do want to select equipment that can be replaced. This is an issue, if the system and the lighting has been purchased over the internet, and not from a local distributor. Be aware that replacement could become necessary in the future, and the ability to secure replacement parts, must be considered.

5.) The ability to monitor the system, whether immediately or in the future is a feature needing consideration. The selection of security lighting and other systems must be made with the acknowledgement that, in the future, you may want the system fully monitored by a third party. If this is the case, the systems must be compatible for this type of application. This should be considered, prior to the purchasing of a security system and the lights, horns, etc. that accompany this system.

6.) Wireless verses hard wired systems. Obviously the systems that can be installed wireless, or battery or solar powered, are preferred for the homeowner installation. If the systems will need to be hard wired, in most cases, the installation should be performed by a qualified and licensed electrical contractor, that can ensure that the installation is in accordance with all code and safety requirements. However, there are several battery and solar powered systems that only require the installation of the mounting hardware for the fixtures, which in most cases, is easily performed by the homeowner.

Security lighting is an easy and economical addition to any home. The ease of installation as well as procurement has advanced over the years and in most cases, the normal homeowner is capable of this type of installation. There is no reason why all homes cannot have the security of proper lighting as well as notification systems.

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