List of Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

You purchase a home; have the kids, now you need something to do with them on days off, weekends, after school, in the evening. What better way to spend you quality time with the family, than playing in your own backyard?

Your backyard is a clean slate, ready for creativity and inspiration!

With the purchase of homes on the increase, and the inability for families to find the time to spend together, the creation of your own entertainment center, right in the backyard, makes the most sense. However, this takes time, effort, ability and the ambition, to create this family fun park in your own yard.

Once the initial outlay of money is made towards the creation of your outside play space, the yearly addition of different activities, games and ideas will continue to stimulate the creativity of the family as well as focus their competitive spirit.
What better way, than in the backyard that you all created?

What are some of the ideas that could increase the use and the enjoyment of the backyard?

Remember every idea and inspiration is within the ability of the homeowner, if you have the time and inspiration. However, a quick goggle search will identify various handymen and niche contractors, that are dedicated to the creation of individual activities for you to enjoy in your own backyard.

The list of possibilities is almost endless, and the enjoyment, as well as family closeness that is developed by these backyard living and playing opportunities is valueless.
Some thoughts and ideas
1.) Playhouse
The creative ideas of a playhouse for the kids are only limited by your own creative thinking. Imaging the different architectural looks, which could be stimulated by cartoons, movies, and child’s books, that can be used to inspire your playhouse? The ideas for a fun and enjoyable types of environments, as presented by a child’s dream playhouse will allow the entire family to grow together and create a wonderful playing environment.

2.) Treehouse / combined with the Playhouse
The obvious inclusion of a treehouse with the playhouse is an easy way to provide the allure and adventure of a treehouse, within the safety of a playhouse. If the playhouse has a higher area along the side that is well protected, this could be noted as a tree house. Children can be convinced of almost anything in reference to the idea of a tree house. It does not have to even be in a tree. A tree house can be a safe platform built atop a sturdy playhouse.

3.) Real treehouse
A separate construction project that is only a tree house is also a very stimulating and exciting space for the kids. However, there needs to be additional safety consideration if the assembly is made to act as solely as a treehouse and not combined with the playhouse. Caution should be used when actually designing and building a real treehouse. The growth of the tree, the future deterioration of the tree, as well as the safety of all the perimeter of the treehouse is of ultimate importance. It may be proper to have an experienced builder construct the treehouse of your dreams to ensure that it is safely built and supported?

4.) Sandbox
Sandboxes are simple to construct and only your imagination limits your creativity. Look at the article on sandboxes within this website for interesting and stimulating ideas. A sandbox can provide hours of fun, however, a cover is a good idea to keep the sand clean and fresh. If not the cats of the neighborhood may enjoy your sandbox as a litter box.

5.) Water park
The term water park is stated to mean a water park within the limits of a backyard activity. The ability to purchase inexpensive blow up pools, along with hoses that are perforated and various nozzles that will project water for splashing and running through is an endless source of creative inspiration. The limit of your personal water park is only your imagination. It does not have to be anything elaborate, or it could be. Think, hoses filled with water and special nozzles into inexpensive plastic pools, could keep your family happy and cool during a hot summer day.

6.) Pool
Not the full blown pool that takes up the entire yard. We are talking about the smaller blow up pools that do not require filters or chemicals. These can be purchased on sale for very little money and can be set up in your backyard for the enjoyment of the children. Of course there is always the option of a professional installed pool, which is the centerpiece of the entire play yard. Only your budget and creativity will limit this accessory to your play-scape.

7.) Ninja courses
Look on line and you will see various swinging and climbing devices to mimic the many television shows that have so-called ninjas competing. These different items can be creatively assembled to provide hours of fun and great exercise. Watch a few of the popular ninja shows that have competition in the form of timing and coordination through various ninja obstacles and climbing arrangements.

8.) Swing sets
Although the typical swing set has been around for years, creative and sensational ones can be assembled in the backyard. Again the internet is a great place to find various swing set components to further your creative spirit and ideas.

9.) Slides and trampolines
The purchase of a large trampoline can take up too much space in the yard. Plus a larger trampoline can be a dangerous item for children to play on. Smaller exercise trampolines are available and can be added to the various creative ninja courses, or work out courses that you provide in the backyard.

10.) Batting cages
Especially if the kids are into baseball or softball, a batting cage can be both enjoyable and fulfilling. There is nothing better for father and daughter or son to spend time taking batting practice in your own batting cage. (see the article within this website for information on how to build your own exterior batting cage)

11.) Soccer nets
Like the batting cages, if the kids are into the particular sport of soccer, the soccer goal is an amazing way to spend quality time with the kids and also improve their shooting skill.

12.) Basketball hoops
Like the batting cage and the soccer net, the basketball hoop and small court will provide hours of fun and exercise. In addition, shooting skill can be improved upon and many memories can be built between a father, mother, son and daughter, shooting hoops.

13.) Horse shoes
The ever so popular horse shoes are still around. Look at the article in this website for easy methods of creating the horseshoe pits. The placement around the recreation area is important for two horseshoe pits; the tossing of the iron shoes can be dangerous, so placement is key to safety.

14.) Corn hole
The corn-hole is similar to the horseshoes, however more contemporary and much safer. The corn-hole target is easily made and the bean bags can be ordered directly on line. There are various different types and variations to the corn-hole target and this type of game can be made from various elements that the individual has around the home. See articles in this website for methods of making this type of game.

15.) Putting greens
If the backyard is large enough, the creation of a putting green or several putting greens can be a lot of fun. To minimize the maintenance, the use of artificial turf is recommended to create the putting green.

16.) Mini golf courses
Mini golf courses can be easily set up around the yard. This is especially fun if the yard is large enough that you have the room to actually swing a golf club. The use of plastic balls and clubs can also be used if the space is limited.

17.) Tennis courts
Although tennis courts are normally set aside for the professional installer, the creation of a tennis area, that is large enough and on level ground is possible. Again, the use of your imagination is the only limitation on how you make this type of game possible in your backyard.

18.) Handball courts
Although not an enclosed professional court, the creation of a wooden backstop and rear net to stop the balls is a possibility for handball. The creativity that can be used to provide different levels of entertainment by merely hitting a hard rubber ball with a wooden racket, can add to your backyard fun.

19.) Ping pong
Although there are several exterior brands of ping pong tables, the creation of one that you make with exterior marine grade plywood, coupled with the proper number of coats of sealer, will create an adequate ping pong table that will provide hours of fun and competition.

20.) Pool tables
Like the exterior ping pong table, there are several different manufacturers of exterior pool tables. However, again, the use of marine plywood, with exterior bags for pockets is a creative method of making your own exterior type of pool table.

21.) Creative bean bag throws
The placement of buckets around the yard or other types of containers can provide a very competitive type of game that can be enjoyed by all levels of competitors. The game can be set up as a mini course, with obstacles and even water hazards to make it more interesting. The use of a Frisbee to throw around the course is another element of challenge for the family.

22.) Pitching nets and targets
The pitcher in the family always needs something to throw against or a net to catch the practice pitches that will turn that amateur into a professional. There are several different types of nets, backboards or other devises that can be created to allow a throwing type of competition or practice to occur in your outside playground.

23.) Tether balls
The very simple idea of a tethered ball, whether it be a novice type of device or a professional tether ball, the play time and competition is endless. There are several different methods of organizing and installing either one or several tether ball poles to add to the creativity of the activity. You may stumble upon and entirely new idea and creation.

24.) Kites
Not necessarily for the immediate backyard, depending on the size of your yard, but to make and fly your own kite is a wonderful summer’s day activity. There are several different methods of kite making and a simple goggle search will provide some very interesting and creative ideas.

25.) Water gun mazes
This one is based on your ability to be creative. The use of water guns and the filling of same are enjoyable and fun methods of exercise and competition. The combination of water balloons and water guns will introduce an entire new dimension to the term “ water fights “

26.) Climbing walls
The creation of a climbing wall for the novice or the professional can provide hours of enjoyment and competition in the backyard. What is very convenient is that a typical climbing wall is basically vertical and can be enjoyed in the smallest of backyards.

27.) Tire swings
Probably one of the oldest devises that can be assembled in the backyard if there is an amble tree limb to hang the tire swing on. Creativity can improve the simple tire swing to a climbing rope, a ninja obstacle course or a multiple swinging assembly.

28.) Shuffleboard
The infamous shuffleboard is not only for the elder amongst us. You will be surprised the competitive spirit that developed with a good competitive game of shuffleboard.

29.) Darts
Although the safety factor definitely goes up, if a dart board and darts are introduced into the backyard play. However, the older competitors may enjoy this means of competition.

30.) Beer pong tables
Like shuffleboard is prejudiced towards the older crowd, the beer pong table is dedicated to the youngest of the group. But like shuffleboard, a good game of beer pong can introduce all ages to a competitive arena.

31.) Hammocks
The assembly of hammocks around the play area will allow the adults of the family to relax in comfort while the children play. Creatively these hammocks could be suspended from the playhouse of swing set to further stimulate the creativity of the play area.

32.) Garden areas
There are so many different varieties of gardens that can be created in your own backyard. Of course a goggle search to identify the exact type of garden would be the easiest and fastest method of getting your creative juices flowing. Just think of the educational opportunities that a variety of growing plants whether they are vegetables, fruits or flowers will teach your children. The educational possibilities are endless, but the ability to actually work together as a family and then eat the fruits of your labors can be an awesome family experience.
These are but a few of the many creative elements that can be built in your own backyards. The only limit is your creativity and ambition. The majority of these ideas can be DIY type of projects that are accomplished with ambition and spare time.
Unfortunately not all families have the benefits of the spare time, they may have the creative ideas, but the time and the ambition, due to other obligations is difficult to find.
This is why there are ample handymen and niche contractors that are specifically dedicated to creating the play yard of your dreams. Just think the family enjoyment and bonding that can be obtained as you spend your weekends in your own recreation area, called you backyard.
Think, plan and create / it will be a fun and meaningful experience.

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