I Have Mice & Rats – What Should I Do?

All of a sudden we have small brown or black pellets in the kitchen drawers or on the kitchen floor. Where could these small or larger pellets have come from?

You probably are the proud owners of some new pets, called, mice or rats. There are more field mice in an acre of land than you can imagine. People don’t realize how many small rodents are simply living in nature. In some instances, such as the cold weather or flooding, these creatures will try to find warmer, drier environment, and your home is that perfect place. The presence of actual rats instead of mice, is another issue, and must be handled by the professional. Normally rats are attracted by garbage or dirty conditions; however, they can find their way into the most sanitary environment.

Mice and rats, if not controlled can cause substantial problems and should not be ignored.

What do we do now?

  1. In most situations, mice can be controlled by the homeowner with purchased poisons and traps. However the more sensitive homeowner may not want to be burdened by this task. In this case a professional must be called to the home to eliminate the problem.
  2. If the problem is a rat infestation or even a single rat, this should be handled by the professional immediately. What you do not want to occur is the multiplying of these critters around the home, and the creation of an infestation of rats.
  3. As the weather becomes colder or flooding occurs, the mice and rats will attempt to save themselves and enter the home. Flooding is a very common occurrence that causes the swarming of mice and rates.
  4. The presence of a rat population is dangerous and their removal is important.

Care must be taken when encountering large rodents, these rodents can actually bite and claw, and must be treated with caution. The removal of these types of rodents should be left to the professional.
In most situations, the call resulting in the fix will be the easiest and most reliable method for solving your mice and rat issue. If you do decide to hire a professional, you might consider spending the few additional dollars for that professional to review all of the possible locations that may be present around the home that could provide an environment for mice and rats to enter the home. The professional may spot another nest or opening that is an entry point into the home, and could become a problem in the future.


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