I Have Hornets – What Should I Do Now?

We just walked onto the front porch of the house and were attacked by a barrage of hornets flying around the porch. This had never occurred and we were totally taken by surprise.
As an aside to this single encounter, hornets can appear at random during the summer months and can cause health issues as well as be a major nuisance.

What do we do now?

  1. In most situations, several hornets in an immediate area normally indicate that there is a hornets nest or nest within the close proximity of the swarms.
  2. If the hornets are agitated, this normally occurs in the hot weather and will result if their nests are disturbed. Simply walking past a nest normally does not cause the hornets to become aggressive and agitated.
  3. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges or tree cutting are the common factors that will stimulate the hornets and cause them to swarm.
  4. In the majority of instances, the removal or destruction of the individual nests will solve the issue of hornets bothering the occupants of the home.
  5. If the nests are large, the use of a professional exterminator is highly recommended. It is not worth the possibility of having the hornets swarming as you attempt to remove a large nest.
  6. In most instances, the small tiny individual hornet nests can be exterminated by the homeowner, by the purchase of a special hornet spray that is charged with pressure allowing the stream of chemicals to be projected as far as 30 feet from the nozzle. This will allow the application from afar reducing the possibility of the hornets swarming and stinging the homeowner.

Care must be taken when encountering large hornet nests. These nests can provide housing for thousands of hornets, and the removal of these types of nests should be left to the professional.
In most situations, the call resulting in the fix will be the easiest and most reliable method for solving your hornet issue. If you do decide to hire a professional, you might consider spending the few additional dollars for that professional to review all of the possible locations that may be present around the home that could provide an environment for hornets to nest. The professional may spot another nest that is prominent and could become a problem in the future.


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