Help, I have No Space in My House

I have No Space in My House, Now What?

The lack of space within a residence is a very common problem for homeowners. In many instances the square footage of the residence is adequate initially, however as life advances, families grow and situations change, a lack of space can develop and cause problems and concerns.


When the closets are full, you can’t close the closet doors, the garage cannot accommodate the cars, the basement is difficult to walk in, and the attic space, if you are lucky enough to have an attic, has been filled to the eaves, the lack of space has become an acute issue.

Quick solutions

  • If hording is the issue, then the simple reading of this brief webpage will not provide any solution to the problem. Immediately contact a professional that is experienced and trained to handle this type of problem.
  • Throw away all unnecessary items. Although this appears to be a common sense solution, the storing of items that are never used, seldom used or simply in existence due to laziness or lack of caring, must be thrown away.
  • Give additional clothing, unused clothing, older, used clothing to organizations that will distribute these items to individuals that could use the clothing or other merchandise.
  • Have a tag sale to remove unnecessary items from the residence. Continue to have these sales until storage areas become available within the home.
  • Give away items to friends, relatives and business associates. Simply give your stuff away.
  • Contact organizations that provide pickup services for your material. They will send trucks and manpower to remove any items that you identify.

Future considerations

  • No space is a very common problem and normally only occurs due to the desire to store “ stuff “ / simply STOP storing stuff, get rid of it! Always have the future in mind when purchasing items. I have a description of some stores and shopping areas as “ Future Dumpster Stores “, look at your shopping with this attitude.
  • Do not create additional space for “stuff “. This will only cause future problems and will not resolve the issues of too much stuff. You will simply delay the problem for another time in the future.

Professional suggestions

  • Hire a professional company to travel to your home and remove excessive material.
  • Hire an organizational expert to organize your home, garage, basement, etc.
  • Hire a professional contractor to construct shelving, storage areas, etc.

It is important to accept that failure to solve any of these “Now What” conditions may require the introduction of a professional local consultant, or contractor that is experienced in solving this specific “Now What” issue. Remember you are not alone when it comes to these very common problems and concerns!

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