Help, I Need New Windows – Now What?


This is a part of a special section identifying the Now What? reactions exhibited by homeowners, due to various issues that are common to all Happy Homeowners. The intent of this section is to provide a brief description of the specific issue and identify various common, and not so common, solutions to the problem or concern. This is not intended to be a detailed, nor thorough study, or even an analysis of the issue. Nor does it intend to present any official or politically correct solution to the problem. This is a down and dirty description of how we have solved these various common household issues, without creating a major, anxiety ridden concern over the situation.


Window replacement is a very common issue for many homeowners and in existing residences. The need to replace windows, due to existing window deterioration, as well as broken sashes, rotten window sills, etc. has caused all of the major window suppliers to provide what are called replacement windows, in their supply of products. Each supplier will demonstrate different aspects of weather stripping, window insulation, glass characteristics and clever means of reducing the displacement and interference with current residences, during window replacement.


Existing windows that do not operate correctly, are either jammed within their frames, closed or opened, and may have broken internal elements that enable opening and closing the windows are all candidates for replacement. With the advanced technology improving the insulating qualities of the new replacement windows, allowing ease in opening and closing and now, providing different means for cleaning, the replacement window market has become extremely competitive and busy.

Quick solutions

1.) In most situations, replacement windows is NOT an activity that is recommended for the normal homeowner.

2.) The competitive nature of the replacement window marketplace has created some exceptional deals, that can be purchased, that combine the purchase of the replacement window with the removal of the old windows as well as the installation of the new windows.

3.) In many instances, the warranty and guarantees for the replacement windows are enhanced by the agreement that the replacement windows be installed by a professional installer, therefore the savings created by installing the windows yourself, is severely compromised by the positive value of having the individual contractor perform the installation.

Future considerations

1.) Dependent upon your individual needs, the various replacement window choices are substantial. There are specialty windows that have very high sound attenuation ratings that minimize the transmission of sound into the interior of the structure. There are replacement windows that are designed to reduce the overall transmission of solar gain, if the windows are facing the south, and the solar gain is not a positive attribute.

2.) The ability to clean the replacement windows is extremely important to the homeowner. Depending on the type of situation the homeowner is in, the ability to tilt the window sash for cleaning or remove the entire sash, is beneficial to the future maintenance of the home and the new windows.

3.) The ability to replace hardware on the replacement windows should always be considered. Not that the hardware will break, however, if it does, the ability to replace this hardware from a local supplier is very beneficial.

Professional suggestions

Replacement windows is an important part of the renovation of a home and the comfort of an existing home that has compromised windows. There are several professional manufacturers and services that offer professional consultation, material provisions and installation of replacement windows. It is our recommendation, that three or more replacement window professionals be contacted to provide pricing and product literature for the replacement of your windows. A visit to the local builder supply to touch and feel the possible replacement window selections is recommended, to add to your knowledge and provide additional information for your decision making.

It is important to accept that failure to solve any of these “Now What” conditions may require the introduction of a professional local consultant, or contractor that is experienced in solving this specific “Now What” issue. Remember you are not alone when it comes to these very common problems and concerns!

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