Help, I Have Mold. Now What?

What is mold?

Mold is the growth of spores that multiply due to specific conditions of warmth and moisture. Mold can cause discoloration of surfaces as well as present health concerns and problems.

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Mold can be identified by the appearance of a spreading dark or even black substance on a surface such as a wall or ceiling tile. There could be a fuzzy appearance or a raised profile on the surface of the mold.

Quick solutions

  • The application of a water, chlorine solution to the infected area, either with a spray bottle or a wet cloth or rag. The chlorine solution will kill the mold as it exists; however, will not be a permanent solution to the problem. Recommend 2/3’s water and 1/3 chlorine.
  • Scrape and physically remove the mold, disposing the actual mold spores in a plastic bag directly into the trash.
  • Cut out the moldy portion of the surface and dispose of the mold spores in a plastic bag directly into the trash.
  • Wash the infected surface with a mold removal cleaner that is available at all builder supply stores or hardware stores.

Future considerations

  • Reduce the moisture in the area of the mold growth
  • Increase the ventilation and air movement in the area of the mold growth
  • Remove all existing mold growth


  • Purchase mold identification kits at all builder supply stores and hardware stores
  • Employ a local mold remediation expert to evaluate your situation and provide professional solutions.

It is important to accept that failure to solve any of these “Now What” conditions may require the introduction of a professional local consultant, or contractor that is experienced in solving this specific “Now What” issue. Remember you are not alone!

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