What happens if I have several different spaces, that will require tile, and they are adjacent to one another?

There is always a primary room, and once this is identified and the tile lay out completed in that room, the adjacent spaces will take second fiddle to the primary room. There are several tricks of the trade that will allow an acceptable installation of tile. Note that I indicated an acceptable layout of tile. There is no set and specific rule to the proper layout of tile in a room and in adjacent rooms. The identification of proper installation, is what the owner of the home or commercial establishment prefers.

Characteristics of tile installation should never involve a sliver of tile, an expanded grout joint, or radically different tile widths on either side of the room. No matter how the room dimensions lay out, the tile must follow a systematic means of covering the entire floor. With several adjacent rooms and no primary room, the installation of the tile should be laid out to accommodate the doorways or entrances into the room. As long as the grout lines are straight and accurate, as you sight down the tiles, the installation will be fine. In fact, I have never been called back into a project to remove tile and reinstall, due to the layout of the tile.

The best method of proper layout is to develop a template by using the stick method and actually layout the tile to accommodate the rooms. Take your time, and visually mark up the sub base with a sharpie, to visually identify the tile and the jointing on the floor. If it looks as reasonable as possible, install the tile. You will be very surprised that the final installation will blend into the surroundings, and the actual layout of the tile will never be visually identified, not worried about again. Unless there is a small thin slice of tile or joints that are inconsistent, the overall effect of a field of tile will be accepted without additional visual inspection. Do not make any deviations obvious, and the overall tile effect will take over.

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