What are the correct products for tile installation?

Tile has been a standard building product for hundreds of years. The correct products are not new to the construction industry. There are tile installations that have lasted for centuries, and will probably be stable and enduring for several more centuries.

The development of new products, as well as the characteristics of additives, which are supposed to add to the performance of various products will always continue. However, the use of tile and hard surfaces such as marble, limestone, granite, etc. has withstood the test of time, in countless residences and commercial structures. Yes, additives to increase the impermeability of the mastic used for the tile, or the advancement of various grout products, to increase the ability to bond to the sides of the tile, and to provide a more resistant surface, should always be considered. However the proper installation and lay out of the tile is the most important aspect of a proper and consistent tile installation .

The bottom line, is that tile installation, stone flooring, or other hard surface flooring relies on the proper base stability and durability for installation. As I have already noted, the base is the principle characteristic of a good tile or stone installation. The products are basic, they may have various added ingredients and admixtures, as research and development teams add to the marketability of their products. However, travel to any of the homes or commercial establishments that have tile installations. They are probably not installed with the latest commercially acceptable materials, and products. In most cases, the common denominator is the ability of the installer to properly and accurately install the system. This is the reason that I have indicated on countless occasions, that the professionals should install your tile, just like the professionals should frame your home, install your plumbing, install the electrical systems, etc. Do not allow the DIY fascination, to convince you that you can do it as good, or even better yourself. This is NOT the case.

Tile and hard flooring installations have been a part of magnificent construction projects for eternity. Tile is a wonderful and durable product if installed correctly. Research the internet and find a competent, professional installer, and forget the DIY, have the professional install your tile!

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