Zoning Approval

What is Zoning Approval?

Definition of Zoning Approval in Construction:

Approval required prior to the issuance of a formal building permit for a project. Zoning approval is based upon the zoning laws of the area that the project is being constructed. Zoning approval will ensure that the project is being constructed within all the set- backs required and complies to the zoning requirements for land usage and capacities. The Planning and Zoning Departments of municipalities are extremely powerful in regards to permit evaluations and approval. Zoning is maintained to eliminate cluster conditions that could result if zoning laws were not in affect. Residential zoning verses industrial and commercial zoning, segregates the housing locations within a municipality from the commercial and industrial zones. Zoning enforcement is a key to the proper management of successful towns and cities. Lack of zoning enforcement in the past has caused the overcrowding of residential communities as well as the inter-mixing of property uses that are in non compliance to one another. Although zoning is a challenge to all developers and contractors, its inception as well as enforcement has created more logical and safer communities.