Zip Strip

What is a Zip Strip?

Definition of Zip Strip in Construction:

What is a Zip Strip? The term is used for a product that is initially installed in concrete or masonry that has a strip of protective material over a joint, or a receiving reglet. Once the concrete or masonry cures, the protective material is stripped off of the top of the joint or reglet. The use of a zip strip type of product will result in a clean joint or reglet without any masonry contamination. Zip strips are used in flatwork such as sidewalk construction to provide nice, even construction joints, without the normal wavering and misalignment typical of these types of joints. In drywall construction, the use of a zip type application is used for edge control and miscellaneous difficult joint conditions. A zip type product can be used to make a clean and precise edging from ceiling to wall or on other miscellaneous joint locations.