Yard Drain

What is a Yard Drain?

Definition of Yard Drain in Construction:

Used as a collection point for storm water, usually in a grassy or landscaped area to collect this storm water. Piping is installed below the grade, which is connected to the yard drain, to direct the surface water that has collected within the yard drain out, into the storm drainage system. The top of the yard drain is open with bars or openings to allow the water to enter. In many cases the yard drain is a plastic or fiberglass structure and is not designed to withstand the loading of traffic over the top. Most yard drains do not have a deep invert, and are installed specifically to reduce the accumulation of water ponding as needed. Many times a yard drain location is not determined until after the final landscaping has been performed and there was an obvious mistake made in the drainage patterns of the site. The yard drain is designed to be easily installed to eliminate any resultant errors and drain the water accordingly . If traffic loading is required, there are specially manufactured yard drains that will withstand the heavier loads of traffic over the top.