WQU (water quality unit)

What is an WQU?

Definition of WQU in Construction

The term WQU or water quality unit is used in the construction and building industry to identify any type of apparatus, equipment or even piping arrangement, which has an influence on the quality of the water.

The EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) has established stringent requirements for the specifications of water discharge from a construction site or a completed project. The water quality is extremely important, and the installation of a WQU or a series of WQUs might be necessary to comply with the requirements of the EPA. Manufacturers of precast concrete as well as piping supplies have developed advanced designs for WQU’s that are now commonly installed on construction projects. In most cases, storm water or water draining off of roofs, and parking areas are commonly routed through WQU’s that are installed in the ground. Care must be taken by developers as well as general contractors that are looking to develop sites, that all of the required water quality standards are met. The cost of the proper WQU’s is an important and expensive portion of many sitework scopes of work. In most instances the design of the WQU is developed in a manner that will trap any oils or sediments in the WQU, prior to discharge out into the sanitary or storm systems. The proper maintenance and upkeep of the WQU’s on a project is important to the successful function of the system.