Working Drawings or Documents

What is Working Drawings or Documents ?

Definition of Working Drawings or Documents in Construction

This term is used when there are documents that describe a home, addition, or other project that are in the development stages. Unfortunately the term working drawings, is a confusing identification, and can be interpreted as the actual documents used to construct the project? This is normally not the case, however the term can be misleading, and its interpretation on a specific project should be carefully understood. Documents that are being developed, value engineered and being modified, should have clearly marked, at the lower right hand corner, NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION. These documents are the preliminary documents that are still being revised and modified. Once the documents are finalized, all the value engineering is identified, and the final approval given by the owner and the architect, the documents should be identified as FOR CONSTRUCTION. Any documents prior to this identification should be considered preliminary and not for the construction of the project.