Winter Blankets

What is Winter Blankets?

Definition of Winter Blankets in Construction

Blankets that are comprised of a composite material, built up material of insulation, polyethylene coverings, etc that create an insulated blanket. These blankets are used to cover masonry or concrete construction that is performed during the cold winter months. The retainage of heat is extremely important when curing masonry and concrete construction. The chemical processes required to properly cure masonry mortar, grout and concrete must be conditioned, to remain within the temperature requirements of the specific product. Each product is different, and in general, the temperature must not drop below 40′ and not be allowed to exceed 90′. These are extremely rough parameters and each product has different temperature limits. Winter blankets are also used to cover up areas of earth that may freeze if not covered. The elimination of frost in a sub-grade is extremely important when placing concrete or asphalt over that sub-grade. Winter blankets are in many cases placed over large heaters that will warm the underside of the blankets and thaw frozen ground. This system of winter protection is extremely costly and labor intensive. 24/7 labor involvement is required to ensure that the propane heaters are maintained, the blankets remain in place and the overall system remains safe and properly installed. Winter blankets are extremely valuable and the ordering of these blankets must coincide with the suppliers stock of this type of product. What normally occurs, the supply yards stock up on all winter protection equipment and materials in the early Fall. Contractors that are experienced and professional, anticipate their winter needs and stockpile the appropriate quantities of blankets and winter protection materials. The contractors that do not anticipate their needs, will be caught short of supplies as they move through the winter months. Suppliers will be out of stock and anticipating their spring and summer requirements. Anticipation of winter protection materials and equipment is an indication of an experienced, financially solvent, professional contractor.