What is Widen

Definition of Widen in Construction

The term widen is used in the construction and building industry, to indicate a process that increases the size of a construction element such as a roadway. Although used extensively in the industry, the accurate and precise meaning of the term widen, must be clearly understood on the project. In addition the term widen can become extremely dangerous when bidding a project. Engineers and architects will use the term widen in many different ways on a construction job. Does the use of the term widen mean to comply with current codes, or does it mean to increase the size of an element to accept another construction product, etc.? Widen must be clearly identified by the construction manager and the general contractor, when bidding a project as well as in the final construction of the project. A precise dimension is always the more accurate and professional determination of the term widen. Widen can mean to increase a dimension to allow proper access, proper fitting of another element, comply with code requirements, comply with the requirements of others, etc. Define the term widen when used on a construction or building project.