Wheelchair Lift

What is Wheelchair Lift?

Definition of Wheelchair lift in Construction:

A small lift , specifically designed to elevate a wheel chair a minimum vertical distance. Normally wheelchair lifts are not designed to lift a wheelchair a full story from the first floor to the second, for example. This capability would be available in a small residential type elevator. The wheelchair lift is designed, if there is a small flight of stairs, such as , 3 or 4 risers that a ramp cannot be accommodated. The determining factor in requiring a wheelchair lift is the lack of space for a handicap ramp. The code requires that a handicap ramp not exceed a one to twelve pitch, which means that if the ramp needs to elevate 12 inches, or one foot, the length of the ramp needs to be a minimum of 12 feet. In many structures, t his length accommodation is impossible, therefore a wheelchair lift is designed and installed. The wheelchair lift can be purchased from several different vendors and is usually shipped as a unit to be simply placed in the area required and connected to electrical power. The proper design and installation of handrails and barricades, to ensure that the lift is properly fall protected is required.