Well Points

What Are Well Points?

Definition of Well Points in Construction

Excavations, that are dug or drilled, to a depth below the water table, to allow the installation of water pumps to remove the water, and drop the water table below the construction elevations of the project. Well points are normally PVC pipes that are installed below the level of the water table and accumulate the water at their bottom. The pump is installed within this pipe which is normally encased in crushed stone to encourage the accumulation of water flow into the pipe. There are professional contractors that specialize in the establishment of well points and the installation of de-watering systems. Major projects along the waterfront or in areas of high water tables rely on the establishment of a pattern of well points, pumps and dewatering systems. Failure of the system would cause delays and problems in the construction of the project. In many instances, major dewatering systems have emergency power backup to ensure that the pumps and systems continue to operate, even if the primary power was interrupted. The engineering of dewatering and recharging systems use well points as the primary point of access to the water table. Recharging systems in many cases are well points that instead of being used to pump the water out, are used as points of recharge, where the water is pumped back in.