What is Wavering

Definition of Wavering in Construction

The term wavering is used in the construction and building industry to indicate, in most cases a surface that is wavy or is wavering. For example if looking at a finished concrete slab and the surface is up and down in a wave type of fashion, the surface of the concrete is wavering. In the majority of cases, the term is a negative descriptive term for the surface of a finished product. A description of wavering is in most situations not an acceptable surface, and a corrective procedure will be necessary to properly establish the specified surface appearance. Wavering of a surface can be attributed to many different reasons, however improper curing, extreme weather, lack of proper protection, freezing, extreme heat or even humidity can cause a surface to result in a wavering appearance. In many instances an improper mixing of the materials that went into the placement of the slab or surface will result in a wavering appearance. The surface of a vinyl floor will sometimes waver and present a wavering surface to the observer. In many cases the sub-floor or the underside of the finish application had a wavering surface which was transferred to the surface of the finish application.