Water Table (site)

What is Water Table (site) ?

Definition of Water Table ( site ) in Construction:

Elevation of the normal ground water on a site. There is normally an elevation below the surface of the project, that will constantly be saturated with water. This is called the water table, and varies on all projects. Borings are normally taken to achieve the elevation of the water table and provide engineering information on the level of the water. To properly engineer a project, it is important that the water table be evaluated and studied. Is the elevation over the top of the interior slab, if so, then specific engineering parameters must be designed to satisfy this issue. The water table on a project is an important element to the future of the project as well as important during the construction of the project. The water table is directly influenced by any dewatering operations on the project. The temporary dropping of the water table for construction purposes is commonplace. The recharging of adjacent properties is also part of the water table management program on a project. Along the shore and along major rivers, the influence of tidal pressures on the ground water table can cause extreme fluctuations in the elevation of the water table on a daily basis. Contractors must time their work to coincide with the rising and lowering of the water table in accordance with the tide schedule. The water table elevation is a engineering characteristic of the site that must be carefully considered. The site engineer and the structural engineer must calculate how the elevation of the water table will influence the construction as well as the final product. The mechanical engineer along with the electrical engineer must consider the water table when designed pumps and other equipment intended to manage the elevation of the water table. The architect and the owner use the water table to schedule special damp proofing or waterproofing schemes that will allow the project to function without interference from a high water table. In summary, the water table, on a construction project is a key engineering and design parameter and must be carefully and accurately managed in the design and construction of the project.