Wall Washer

What is a Wall Washer?

Definition of Wall Washer in Construction

Type of light that illuminates a wall surface , either from the bottom, or more commonly, from the ceiling above. A wall washer type fixture, is usually used when there is an item requiring accenting that is located on the wall, such as a photo, bookcases, sculptures, etc. Wall washers are very common in family and living rooms, and are many times used to illuminate shelving with various pieces on the shelves. The unfortunate issue with wall washers is that any imperfections in the wall surface, are easily identified and pronounced due to the lighting. It is essential that the surfaces of any wall that is illuminated with a wall washer be carefully finished. In many cases, a wall wash illumination is more exciting and appears more professional if the surface is a stucco or designed as a textured surface. In this manner the shadowing and detailing of the textured surfaces are highlighted by the wall washer illumination.