Waffle / waffling

What is Waffle / waffling

Definition of Waffle / waffling in Construction

The term waffle is used in the construction and building industry to identify a type of consistent battering or vibration during equipment operation. In most situations, the reference is negative and will indicate an assembly that could be out of line, incorrectly installed, or failing. A waffling fan or operating piece of equipment will normally self-destruct if allowed to continue to waffle. In most cases, the piece of equipment is not designed to accept the waffling on a constant basis, and the result will be worn bearings or scorched belts or other destructive processes. On any construction project, a waffling piece of equipment is instantly shut down, and the reason for the waffling is determined. The term waffling is not a universally accepted professional term; therefore its use must be carefully researched on each construction project, to determine what the actual individual using the term is referencing. Based upon different parts of the country, as well as who is actually using the term will have an effect on the accurate meaning of the term waffling.