What is Volume

Definition of Volume in Construction

In the construction industry, the term volume is used in many different ways. Volume can be used to identify the capacity of a tank or a vessel that is being installed on the construction project. Volume is used to identify the amount of material that is required on a construction project, such as the volume of concrete, asphalt, gravel, etc. As an engineering term, the use of volume can be associated with the volume or amount of air that is being distributed by a HVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning system ), or the volume of a room, to determine mechanical processes required to comply with building standards and codes. Volume is extremely important when ventilation systems are being engineered for interior garage spaces or areas of assembly. Volume is also an engineering weight factor that will influence a structural analysis by the structural engineer. Volume as a term is used to describe many different items on a construction project, and is also a very important term in the design and engineering aspect of any construction project. The term is also used when determining the proper parking and traffic elements of the construction project, in terms of traffic volume or parking volume.