Vibration Eliminators

What are Vibration Eliminators?

Definition of Vibration Eliminators in Construction

Components that are developed to be installed in positions intended to reduce the vibrations of large equipment, vessels, industrial components that may exhibit substantial shaking and or vibration when operating. Vibration eliminators are materials that are placed at points of contract or support for these vibrating components. These vibration eliminators are intended to absorb the vibrations and reduce the transfer of these forces to the structure or supporting assemblies. Fatigue is an issue with structural members that causes eventual structural failure. The constant vibration of a bridge deck, a piece of manufacturing equipment or anything that is shaking or vibrating during normal operations, will cause material fatigue and eventual failure. A vibration eliminator is intended to reduce the effect of this physical property, reducing the degree of structural deterioration as well as material fatigue. Vibration eliminators also reduce the transmission of sound and vibration through a structure. If a piece of equipment is mounted on the proper vibration eliminator, the vibrations throughout the structure are reduced and the stresses caused by these vibrations are reduced. Vibration elimination is an important element of any equipment operating within a structure.