What is Validation

Definition of Validation in Construction

The term validation when used on a construction or building project will normally refer to the necessity to involve a professional engineering, surveying, marketing, accounting, or other type of professional entity to validate an issue. This issue can be a structural validation, such as having a certified welder or a fire watch on the project which must be validated by a professional inspector. Validation can also be used to accommodate the requirements of a certain material or product that is used on the construction project. For example the validation of the capping membrane on a landfill project, or the validation of the welding sequence on a piping project. Validation is normally a requirement identified within the specifications of a construction project. Each of the construction divisions will include a validation segment or identification to notify the contractor that a specific validation is required prior to approval of the work. Some projects call for a Special Inspector that will validate the specific construction activities, such as light metal framing, wood framing, hurricane tie downs, etc. on the project. Validation is the accommodation of an approval process that will normally include an onsite inspection of the construction element requiring the validation.