What is Unistrut ?

Definition of Unistrut in Construction

The designation of a type of system, used to primarily hang material, fixtures and equipment from walls, or ceilings. The unistrut is a system that is heavy duty and constructed to allow the hanging of wire rod and support brackets. Unistrut is used by electricians to hang conduit, mechanical contractors to hang their equipment off of the structure, plumbers to support piping systems and other disciplines to hang and support all types of products, equipment, cables, etc. Unistrut is an extremely useful and helpful hanging system, that has innumerable uses within the construction environment. There are several different manufacturers of systems that look and operate similar to the unistrut system. Basically all the systems distribute the loads from equipment, piping, etc. across a larger area than simply a single load point, and provide multiple points of attachment and support to allow efficient and professional hanging and support of construction material, equipment and products.