What is a Union

Definition of Union in Construction

The term union in the construction industry is the joining of two ends of a construction element. Piping, conduit, ductwork, structural steel, etc. can all be connected via unions at the end of one element and the start of the next. There can be threaded, welded, pressured fit or any other type of connection that will address the need to link the two elements together. Unions are extremely important in the quality control of a piping or conduit system. The ability to properly install unions is critical to the overall performance of the entire assembly. The other definition of a union is the organization of a certain type of trade or construction discipline, into an organized group. This union will represent their workers on the construction site, and will provide many aspects of organized labor that are required to satisfy the union members that have decided to join the particular union. Again, as with construction elements, the term union is a linking or connection, in this labor case, the linking of construction workers for a common cause.