Union Shop

What is an Union Shop

Definition of Union Shop in Construction

The term union shop is used to describe a construction company that is affiliated with an organized union. A union shop is the establishment of workers that have organized to establish an organization that will establish rules and regulations that will benefit the entire organization. A union shop is established to ensure that worker’s rights are properly represented, and the united power of the organization, can be used to establish precedents for wages, health benefits, vacation allowances as well as any other type of workers compensation that the union shop decides is necessary to service their organization. The union shop was originally established to ensure that the less privileged and empowered workers were not taken advantage of, or abused. Normally the union shop will require a higher rate of pay than other non-organized workers, as well as other stipulations that are above and beyond the non-union workers on the construction project. The opposite of the union shop is the non-union or open shop that will consist of non-organized workers.