What is an Undercut?

Definition of Undercut in Construction

The term undercut in construction is used to describe a technique that means to perform a cut on a construction element to allow proper function, or to allow the installation or the clearance of another construction element. For example, to undercut a door, would mean to cut the door to allow it to swing properly as well as clear any carpet, or other flooring that is installed under the door. The term must be clearly established and identified, due to the fact that if it is used in the framing discipline on a construction job, the term could mean an undercutting of an element to allow the element to fit tightly, or be constricted when installed, due to the undercutting of the element. For example if the floor joist is accurately measured to be cut at a dimension of 12 feet 5 and one-half inches and the floor joist is cut at 12 feet 5 and three quarter inches, then this element has been undercut to allow a firm or friction type installation to occur.