UL Label

What is UL Label?

Definition of UL Label in Construction

The UL label is identified as an acknowledgment by the Underwriters Laboratories of acceptance. This acceptance is based upon review and testing of a certain construction component. Fireproofing is rated on an hourly basis dependent upon the UL testing of the system. Glass and glazing has UL labels that address the ST ( sound transmission rating ) of the glass. The R value ( insulating value ) of certain types of insulation, also have a UL rating to ensure compliance. One of the most important UL labeling is the fire protection of various building fireproofing systems. Spray fireproofing, intumescent paint, drywall assemblies, shaft-wall assemblies, etc. all require intense testing at the Universal Labs, and these ratings are highly regarded. Acceptance by the UL is extremely important to design parameters and building codes. UL labels are required on all fire proof or fire retardant materials and products such as doors, frames, fireproofing coatings, masonry, etc. In most circumstances, the UL label, is the determining factor in most of the construction assemblies regarding fire protection and status. A UL label becomes extremely important if there is a fire or other issue involving life safety on the project.