TYP (Typical)

What is TYP?

Definition of TYP (Typical) in Construction

The designation TYP means typical on construction documents. In many instances there are details on the documents that will occur at several different locations, or in several different situations on the construction project.

For example, the top, jamb or sill of a window or door may occur countless times on a large construction project. If this is the case, the detail will be drawn once, and noted as TYP or typical on the documents. If there are deviations to this typical detail, then the documents will indicate the exceptions to the TYP or typical detail and note these differences. This is the main reason why an experienced contractor will understand the large number of pages contained within the contract documents of a large project, due to the many TYP details and drawings.

Architects and engineers do not invent the wheel, every time they design and engineer a structure. In most cases, they look at the ability to identify the details as TYP in as many locations as possible. This focus of the TYP detail allows the architect and engineer more time and money to develop and engineer the specific issues and problems that are unique to this project. It also allows the contractors involved with the project an easier and more efficient opportunity to understand the documents with less issues and problems. Most contractors would prefer architects and engineers to establish TYP details that are repeatedly used on project, after project.