Truck Wash

What is Truck Wash?

Definition of Truck Wash in Construction

A truck wash is a system of brushes, spray nozzles, or other designed systems , designed to remove the dirt and mud from the exiting truck traffic ,off a jobsite. The use of a truck wash is used in conjunction with an anti tracking pad that will also assist in the removal of dirt and mud from the wheels of the exiting truck traffic. The truck wash together with the anti tracking pad, will be considered a part of the erosion, sedimentation control program that is required on the majority of larger construction projects. Truck washes can be custom built on the project or they can be purchased as modular units and delivered to the jobsite. The use of reclaimed water is recommended for a truck wash system and is normally available in the mobile truck wash units. Although costly, the use of a truck wash, eliminates the constant need to clean and sweep the streets and reduces the complaints off of a muddy jobsite. In addition the use of a truck wash is a political gesture that will provide neighborhood appreciation based on the thoughtfulness of the contractor.