Transfer Switch ( emergency )

What is a Transfer Switch (emergency) ?

Definition of Transfer switch ( emergency ) in Construction

A switch that transfers the power from the primary power to the emergency power, as supplied by an onsite generator. The transfer switch is an automatic switch, that senses the lack of primary power, and over to the emergency generator power. This switch will provide emergency power to the emergency panel, which is wired to operate equipment, lighting, etc. that has been designated by the electrical engineer, as necessary to operate on emergency power. All emergency generators will require a transfer switch, if the transfer of power is expected to be automatic. There are also manually activated transfer switches that must be activated by physically flipping the switch from normal power to emergency power. The location of the transfer switch is normally installed within the primary electrical room of the project and is specified and located by the electrical engineer. The operation of an emergency transfer switch that automatically operates, is based upon a normally open position with full power. Upon loss of power, the switch will close, usually due to the disconnection of the magnet that holds the switch in the normal power position. This release due to the lack of electrical power to the magnet, will release the transfer switch to a position that activates the emergency generator , producing the emergency power. Once the emergency generator is in operation, and the emergency panel is energized, all the emergency power circuits identified by the electrical engineer will be activated and the project will be under emergency power.