Tool Box Talk

What is Tool Box Talk?

Definition of Tool Box Talk in Construction

Safety talks, specific to the activities currently being performed on a construction site. In many instances the general contractor, on a project will have an early morning tool box talk regarding the daily activities on the site. Safety officers will promote the use of the tool box talk to continually remind all workers of the importance of safety on the project. OSHA offers several packages of tool box talks, that can be downloaded to be used on construction sites. In most cases, an attendance form is circulated throughout the attendees, to ensure that all parties are formally acknowledged as having attended the daily tool box talk. Tool box talks are generally specific to the project being constructed. A tool box talk for a chemical plant project is far different than a similar talk for the completion of a retail store. The intent of the talk is not to simply observe the requirements of the insurance companies, they are intended to remind workers of pertinent safety topics that are specifically associated with the days anticipated work activities. If the work is trenching and excavation, the talk should not be on the proper use of ladders on the jobsite. The tool box talk should reference shoring of the trenches and angle of repose of the soils, etc. All the labor unions have a format for their specific safety talks, most chemical or heavy industrial plants have a criteria for their safety talks. The importance of the daily talk is to instill safety on the jobsite from the initiation of the day’s all the way to quitting time. A safe day is when all employees return home from the day’s work.