TOF (Top Of Footing / Top Of Floor / Top Of Frame)

What is TOF?

Definition of TOF (Top Of Footing / Top Of Floor / Top Of Frame) in Construction

The designation of TOF normally indicates either top of footing, top of floor, or top of frame. It is important that the correct definition of this designation be totally understood by the construction manager of general contractor on a project. Many architects and engineers will use the designation TOF, and the obvious importance of understanding each of their specific meanings is important. The TOF top of footing is important to identify the proper height of the foundation walls as well as the excavation necessary to place the footings. The TOF top of floor is used extensively to identify many different elevations as they rise up from the top of floor. On many plans the top of floor will be designated at a 0.00 datum which will indicate that all dimensions provided below the top of floor will be a negative value, and all elevation data above the TOF top of floor will be positive. In many cross-sections, the TOF, top of floor, or 0.00 datum will be accentuated to clearly and precise indicate the important of this elevation. The term TOF on site plans, in many instances will refer to the top of frame. The TOF or top of frame on a site-work document usually indicates that same as the rim height of the frame. A frame is an installation that is mounted on the top of a catch-basin, a manhole, or another assembly that is installed in most cases, under the ground. The TOF or top of frame will be the top of this assembly and the very top of the frame mounted on the top surface of this assembly.