Toe Nail

What is Toe Nail?

Definition of Toe Nail in Construction

The technique of nailing a board, by slanting a nail inward, on the side of a piece of wood, allowing the route of the nail to travel on an angle, through the initial piece and into the secondary piece. A skilled carpenter can use their ability to toe nail a piece of wood, to straighten the orientation of the wood, as well as connect wood pieces in very difficult and tight situations. The development of the nail gun has caused this technique to not be used as readily as in years past, however toe nailing can be a valuable skill which all carpenters should lean. The structural capability of a toe nail is stronger than a nail being installed straight into the wood. A tensile force will cause the straight nail to pull out of the wood as opposed to the lateral forces required to pull a nail that has been driven into the wood on an angle.