Title Line

What is a Title Line

Definition of Title Line in Construction

The title line one a site plan is the designation of the border of the property as identified on the title of the property. This title line is identified differently from any of the other line designations, such as the curb-line, the set-back line, etc. The title line will be the line that is actually described by legal language on the deed for the property. On many site-plans, the title lines of adjacent properties, as well as the identification of the various owners of adjacent properties are noted. The title line is important to identify on the actual property, by the surveyor to ensure that no work, improvements or utilities, etc. encroach on this title line. It is important that the actual building box or the area that is allowed to be built upon be designated on the documents as well as the field. This building box is normally the title lines minus the actual required set-backs from this line that the zoning allows. In most instances the front and back of the property have larger setback requirements than the side yard set- backs.