Title Block

What is a Title Block

Definition of Title Block in Construction

The title block on a set of construction documents is the designations on the lower right side of the drawing, which is normally enclosed in an actual box drawn at the corner. This title block will include the name of the project, the date of the document, and the document designation in both descriptive terms as well as drawing number. In addition the title block will include additional information as the project advances, which will clearly identify the changes in the original document, the dates of the changes and the flag number designation that each change will have on the actual document. The architect, engineer, etc. are expected to flag the documents with a bubble as well as the designated flag, to identify the actual change that was made on the document. The title block is intended to be a constant on a set of documents. The information should be accurately updated as the project advances by the architect or the engineer, and the legal identification of the construction document is included within the title block of the drawing. Change orders or any revisions to the contractual agreements on the project that reference the documents will legally identify the documents, by the information enclosed in the title block of the drawings.