What is Tinting?

Definition of Tinting in Construction
The act of producing tinted glass. Glass that has been treated to produce a tint to the glass, reducing the emission of heat from the sun as well as adding privacy due to the decrease in visual clarity is called tinting. Treatment of glass, by tinting, in areas of the country exposed to severe sunlight, is very common. Like frosting, the tinting application can be performed at the factory or in the field. Tinting produces a dark appearance to the glass and can be applied in varying levels of darkness. Window or glass applications that require privacy or substantial reduction in solar gain will benefit by tinting the windows. The process is very popular, however care should be taken that the application is performed by a professional. Improper tinting of windows can result in spotty applications that appear either stained or uneven. This is a process where the old saying, you get what you pay for makes sense. Do not simply take the lowest price, make sure you are obtaining a quality process for your tinting.