Tilt Windows

What are Tilt Windows ?

Definition of Tilt Windows in Construction
The term tilt, is a reference to the ability to actually tilt the window sashes out of the window frame to facilitate the cleaning of the individual window sashes. The tilt mechanism allows the window to pivot on pins that are located within the frame of the window and extend into the sash. The sash is secured in the window tracks with a pressure sensitive rail that can be compressed, to allow the sash to pivot into the interior of the home. This pivoting or tilting allows access to both sides of the glass, for ease in cleaning. It is important when shopping for this type of window to ensure that the actual mechanisms are heavy duty and not small and breakable. The pin assemblies that allow the sash to rotate within the frame are especially vulnerable to breakage due to the pressures exerted by homeowners when rotating the sash out of the frame. In addition the constant and repetitive compression of the window track must be capable of bouncing back repeatedly to ensure that the window sash remains firmly in the window frame. Tilt windows are a wonderful and helpful idea, however there are a lot of moving parts that are susceptible to breakage. The consumer must be very careful when buying this type of product that the system works repeatedly and not simply the first time you try it.